Mindfulness - a natural method of self-awareness

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MINDFULNESS is a perfectly natural solution to achieving peace of mind in a chaotic world.

Mindfulness technique can be incorporated into natural therapy solutions such as Counselling /

Hypnotherapy / EFT.

The future NHS mental health strategy is to be built around two key concepts -


MINDFULNESS is primarily a PREVENTION STRATEGY.     WHEN you learn to be MINDFUL of yourself , and of others , you

can better maintain GOOD MENTAL HEALTH , allowing you to better achieve YOUR TRUE LIFE NEEDS AND GOALS .

Mindfulness is about being a HUMAN BEING rather than a HUMAN DOING .

Often we feel driven to do things in order to feel OK  -

                                                          constantly doing things
                                                          no time to relax
                                                          always focussed on the future
                                                          feeling guilty
                                                          feeling dissatisfied
                                                          always thinking.....'I should be.....'

                                                          I SHOULD BE MORE COMPETENT
                                                          I SHOULD BE MORE SUCCESSFUL
                                                          I SHOULD BE DOING MORE
                                                          I SHOULD BE PERFECT
This set of techniques has evolved out of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (C.B.T.),and ACTION AND COMMITMENT (ACT)

THERAPY but makes use of Eastern meditation techniques.
Many people today are troubled by a form of mental constipation. Our minds can get overwhelmed by pervasive thoughts 
that seem to swirl around and around and demand us to act upon them . Yet as there are so many of them demanding 
attention it seems impossible to focus on any particular one in order to do some-thing with it. We get more and more
agitated and feel more and more out of control. We cease to function effectively.
Mindfulness says –

1)      We pay too much attention to nagging thoughts that seek to overwhelm us (giving them a power over us).

2)      We tend to focus on our minds to the detriment of our bodies.

3)      Western education teaches that thinking , (rational cognitive processing),  is all powerful and denigrates emotions and bodily
sensations as base needs.

In fact, these result in much mental and physical ill-health in western societies

Therefore , in order to redress to a healthier balance , we need to –

1)      Learn how to stop being controlled by our obsessive thought patterns.

2)      Get more in touch with our bodies (by letting go of our fixation on our thoughts).