Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T)

John Parker of Natural Therapy Solutions offers
 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
 in Brough (East Yorks.) and in Hull

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Are you troubled by persistent negative thoughts, negative mood sets, or by psychosomatic aches and
How is EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE (EFT) a natural therapy solution ?

EFT is an energy and a meridian therapy . Meridian lines and pressure points originate from Chinese medical practice - eg -

acupuncture . The belief is that energy flows along these lines throughout your body. When you are experiencing difficulties

or blockages in your life it may be that negative energies are blocking you. EFT is merely a way of unblocking these negative

build-ups to allow your POSITIVE ENERGIES TO FLOW .

This is how EFT is a NATURAL THERAPY SOLUTION , that can be very effective , very quickly , particularly where you can

identify a specific problem area ( when you make use of a properly trained practitioner).

E.F.T. , ( often referred to as 'tapping' ) , can assist with any or all of these, often with immediate results .


How does it work?
Unresolved negative experiences (memories) are held bodily. This process uses up energy which is then not available for positive
activity. E.F.T. is a technique for getting in contact with, and letting go of, this negative material. The technique makes use of some of the
points on the energy lines, (as in acu-pressure ),  that criss-cross the body.
A simple statement identifying the problem negative is verbalized repeatedly whilst certain of these points are tapped with the finger-tips
in a set rotation.This releases the trapped energy holding the negative in place resulting in a Catharsis such that the previously negative
feeling/ thought/ sensation reduces in strength , or even disappears altogether.

I regularly use this technique on my own issues. It is probably the most effective therapeutic tool I have ever come across .