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What John Parker at Natural Therapy Solutions in Brough and in Hull has to offer.

Counselling can range from short-term problem orientated therapy to longer term work leading to
permanent therapeutic change.
Clinical  Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy is particularly suited to working with a whole range of anxiety/stress related issues including; Anxiety states, Panic attacks,
Phobias, Obsessive-compulsive disorders, Stress reactions, Post-traumatic stress disorders, Sleep disorders, Irritable bowel syndrome,
Unwanted persistent habits (nail-biting, bed-wetting etc.), or  Inability to relax.

I also offer set programmes for

-          Weight-loss

-          Stopping smoking

NB  only for those who are fully motivated for change-work.

I can also offer help with; Confidence issues, Exam nerves and a whole range of psychosomatic ailments.

Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.)

E.F.T. is a technique for getting in contact with , and letting go of negative emotional material . This is a different way of working.
Good for people with persistent negative thoughts, negative mood sets or psychosomatic aches and pains.


I integrate Mindfullness principles into all of my Hypnotherapy , Counselling , and E.F.T. practices. I also offer focused Mindfullness work
in group sessions and workshops.

Group  Facilitation 

Stress management groups, Anxiety management, Assertiveness groups, Breath management groups


Co-counselling is reciprocal peer counselling. (N.B. You must begin by completing a co-counsellor training course ) A co-counselling session
is based on two people getting together and each taking turns to counsellor and client.