What are natural therapy solutions ?

When you are not feeling 100% about yourself be that physically or psychologically it can be tempting to resort to short-term , unhealthy options to make you feel better.

We all want to feel better !

If you have an ache or a pain it is so easy to resort to an off-the-shelf pain-killer or to
pop along to your GP for something stronger.

Another solution is to opt for your favourite addiction for temporary relief - cream-cakes , crisps , chips , cigarettes ,the odd glass of wine !
or several pints of lager / a snort of coke !!  THE LIST IS ENDLESS , and , what is more -

a) they are all unhealthy , and unnatural

b) they are all short term solutions , that

c) very often leave you feeling worse , physically , and probably full of guilt and shame as well

The essence of any good therapy ,I believe is that it be natural and that it be long-term . IS THAT SO DIFFICULT ?

The unfortunate truth is these healthy solutions are not necessarily easy solutions !  If they were we wouldn't need therapists !

WE ARE ALL CREATURES OF HABIT  (that is just the way our brains operate)

Changing habits can be difficult without the right help .

                                                        - addictions
                                                        - negative thoughts
                                                        - unproductive behaviours
                                                        - avoiding making decisions
                                                        - blaming yourself for everything
                                                        - blaming others for everything
                                                        - not managing your emotions effectively (always angry , always sad , depressed)
                                                        - failed (struggling ) relationships 
                                                        - boredom
                                                        - low self-esteem
                                                        - poor sense of self

I BELIEVE I PROVIDE THE RIGHT KIND OF HELP - natural therapy solutions - a selection of natural solutions

Counselling and psychotherapy


Emotional Freedom Technique - (EFT) which is a meridian energy therapy ,

  all incorporating MINDFUL TECHNIQUES

Ultimately effective therapy has to be the search for goodness and love. I don’t mean anything complicated by this statement.

If you wish to feel comfortable within yourself it is desirable to :-

-            Feel good about yourself

-            Feel able to love yourself

-            Feel good about the external world that surrounds you

-            Feel good about important people in your life

-            Feel the need to, and have the ability to love others

-            Feel enthusiastic about your life

-            Feel optimistic about your life

-            Feel you are a separate individual with your own thoughts and feelings, desires and ambitions etc.

-            Feel able to allow others to be separate individuals with their own thoughts and feelings, desires and ambitions etc.


Yes , therapy can be about resolving a specific problem and there is nothing wrong with that. But unless you want that same problem to
re-occur in the future or perhaps some similar problem, you need, in the process of solving that specific problem, to gain some insight,
some understanding, of why that problem happened to you and what you might do to prevent repetition.  For example, it is no good
solving a problem in a practical sense if you denigrate yourself in the process.  If you allow yourself to feel ‘bad’ about having a problem
you can’t solve yourself, or if you allow yourself to feel ‘bad’ for needing to get help.  So if you solve a specific problem but diminish
yourself in the process, what have you really achieved?

Therapy will challenge you ..  Who you are.  What you are. Your behaviours, thoughts and feelings. Your beliefs about yourself and the
world that you live in. Your strengths and weaknesses. What do you fear and desire and so on.
Yet challenge need not be an aggressive process.  It is important that you have selected a therapist who you feel respect for and are
comfortable with. You will then spend some time developing a therapeutic relationship (just how much time will depend upon the
therapy type).
You will trust this person with sensitive knowledge about yourself so you need to be sure that your selection is sound. YOU need to ask
questions of your therapist, and ensure that you get answers. A therapy contract can help to clarify the therapy process:-

-            where are you starting from

-            How you are going to do it

-            Who is responsible for what

-            What is the end point, and how you will know you are at the end-point

 You will then begin your process of therapeutic change .