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ABOUT ME -John Parker ,MBACP(accredited register) , counsellor , hypnotherapist , EFT practitioner in Brough and Hull .

                                                                                    Phone - 07716432802 or e-mail johnparker@naturaltherapysolutions.co.uk

Hello ,  I am JOHN PARKER and I run NATURAL THERAPY SOLUTIONS from BROUGH (East Yorks) .I am a counsellor , an hypnotherapist , and an EFT practitioner .

All of these options are Natural Therapy Solutions. And I aim to incorporate mindful techniques into my therapy
practices . I work to integrate mind and body to develop an holistic wholeness.

I believe that counselling can assist you in alleviating any dilemma that is currently troubling you.(see counselling page)

I believe that hypnotherapy might assist you in alleviating your current problem or dilemma (see hypnotherapy page)

Another option is to look to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to assist you in solving your issues.(see EFT page)
EFT is a MERIDIAN ENERGY THERAPY making use of the same meridian lines and points as acupuncture.
Instead of sticking needles in the points , the points are tapped releasing negative energy blockages , facilitating the
flow of positive energies that boost energy , motivation and creativity.

All of these are natural therapy solutions I offer for you in Brough , which is only 10 miles to the west of HULL , on the

A63 . Brough is easily accessible from HULL and all parts of East Yorkshire , as well as many parts of NORTH

LINCOLNSHIRE via. the Humber Bridge.

I am looking forward to working with you , so please don't hesitate to contact me whatever your need . As a counsellor I am

first and foremost a communicator . In my judgement most , if not all , problems stem from a breakdown in communication

at some level . My work as a counsellor is to assist you in solving that communication issue .This might be about how you

communicate , or don't with others , yet often the underlying issue is your inability to communicate with yourself !

Counselling , hypnotherapy , EFT are all ways of facilitating you to understand yourself better

How am I qualified to assist you ?

I am Registered Mental Health (RMN) nurse trained so have a thorough grounding in all issues relating to mental health and

mental ill-health - anxiety , depression , stress , low self-esteem , addictions , grief and loss , self-harm issues ,

risk-managing suicidal ideation.

I do not like or agree with the medicalization of mental illness resulting , often , in a dependence upon chemical medications

 as the only solution .


 I was one of the first hypnotherapists to practice in Hull 25 years ago.

I trained as alcohol counsellor in 1993 and have worked in various addictions agencies offering both 1 to 1 counselling and

group-work solutions.

I have worked as grief-counsellor within NHS , from GP practice.

I am trained adult education teacher.

I am trained in group facilitation

I hold Diploma in Hypnotherapy

I hold Advanced Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling.


I am here to work with you and for you to the best of my ability in whichever way you chose to proceed.




For more information on the techniques I offer please see the What I Offer Page of this web site.